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DR Patience Mpofu’s Credentials

  • Global Leadership Coach for women in male-dominated workplaces (STEM)
  • Sustainable development mining expert

How To Launch Your Next Career in a male-dominated workplace (STEM): Blueprint to success.

BOOK LAUNCH!! AWARD WINNING AUTHOR of the No 1 Bestseller: Unleashing My Superpowers:

Are you a woman in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) professions or industries struggling to navigate the male dominated work environment?

You are not alone!


Let us help you to take control of your life and succeed in your life and business with impact.

Leadership Coaching

Imagine yourself with more clarity of what your true purpose is. Feeling fulfilled in your career, as you have mastered what it takes to achieve as an effective influential leader. Patience will help you nurture your talents and create easy to use strategies to succeed and to be a figure of authority and influence in your career. As a leadership coach, she guides you to take a holistic approach to building a big picture vision of what you truly want in all aspects of life, your true purpose, then helping you make that vision a reality using a proven system that she used developed by Top business schools which helped her to become one of the Most Influential women leaders in mining and metals. She will help you to find more meaning in your work and those you lead, feel fulfilled, find your true passion thus create more time, reduce burnout and get your power back to succeed as a Peak Performance Leader.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and trying to take control of every part of your business and yet your business is not performing or getting more clients? Do you want to get clarity on your purpose for your business and what drives value for your clients, who your target market really is? Patience will help you clarify on your target market and offering for your clients to create a profitable business be it its online or offline. Patience has learnt to simplify complexity in a business model and turns complexity to easy, simple steps to use to transform your business. She has mastered the art of using proven strategies from top global business schools turning them to easy to use steps to create a compelling business value proposition for your clients.

Business Coaching

Mastermind Programs

Are you ready to take control of your life and unstuck yourself? Are you looking to unleash your potential, doing what you are passionate about, what you are good at and what creates value for your clients? Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, or employed but feeling unfulfilled, someone who wants to share their expertise with the world to impact and create value for themselves but don’t know how? Are you ready to make an investment to learn step by step 9 key strategies to launch your online business working with a coach who has done this successfully? The knowledge industry is a multibillion industry set to grow. Get help to launch your online business with this mastermind program. In this Program you will learn the Blueprint that Patience has developed and used successfully to launch her own 2 online businesses. She invested and spent over 18 months researching, growing, learning and coached by successful global coaches who have developed and used this proven system to build multimillion businesses across the world.


Our mission is to empower and unleash women and girls’ superpowers to succeed in male dominated industries (STEM). In addition, we help male dominated workplaces to be more inclusive and diverse thus helping close the gender gap

We will not wait 136 years

Let us help you to take control of your life and succeed in your career and life with impact.

Lets all create workplaces that unleash every employee’s superpowers


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“Don't stay stuck in your current loop forever. Break free and conquer your fears of moving forward. Don’t look back 10 years later and regret the wasted time, energy and opportunities. Hence Peak Performance with Patience is here to help you and your business”.

How can I help you?

Leadership and business coaching have gained significant popularity over the past 25 years and is set to become the fastest growing industry.

It is now part of the standard development training for elite executives and talented up-and-comers at many global companies including global Business schools such as Harvard and Insead to help reach their goals. Over $335 million dollars is spent on online education every day and self-education is the new norm. 

A Hay Group study of Fortune 500 companies found that 21 to 40% utilize executive coaching as standard leadership development for elite executives and high performance talent. Additionally, a recent Manchester Inc. survey of 100 executives found that coaching provided an average return on investment of almost six times the cost of the coaching. 

Having an executive leadership or business coach is a critical success factor and its now in high demand.


How Peak Performance with Patience has changed lives? Hear from our newest members.

Patience gave me an opportunity to share my thoughts and to really think deeply about the issues at hand. Most importantly, I got a chance to think about what strategies I could apply to tackle these challenges. My coach is a courageous and outspoken individual who understood what I was going through.

Siyabonga Ndwandwe

Process Engineer

Patience provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my career, it helped to shape my thoughts about where I wanted to see my career going in the future. Because of these coaching sessions with Patience, I was able to take very bold steps and move my career forward. Coaching has taught me the importance of having a safe space to reflect on the various aspects of career and life. Through the reflection I was able to made decisions from a very informed place. I would recommend Patience to everyone who wants to take their careers forward. Dr Patience Mpofu is very accomplished and having her as a coach was good because her career experiences helped and inspired me. It was wonderful being coached by such a wise and intelligent woman.

Dr Thandi Ndlovu

Project Manager

She provided valuable information on how to navigate the corporate world and setting big goals. Her journey has been inspiring. She was able to use her experience to inspire me to overcome the challenges I was going through.

Nondumiso Ngidi

Project Manager

Patience is an inspirational, incredible woman. She inspired me to try just little bit harder. She definitely opened my mind. I learnt some tips on how to lead and interact with others better. I am learning to understand personalities and characters in the room and communicate more effectively and measure the impact I have on people.

Reshma Gopee

IT Lead
“Patience’s incredible story of her journey to recognition of her superpowers is an inspiration for all women and girls and not only those in STEM. With grit, determination, overcoming setbacks and taking risks, she succeeded in the male dominated mining industry and now shares her wisdom to help other women succeed. Unleashing My Superpowers is indeed a must-read book for every woman striving to succeed.”

Clare Beckton

Fulbright Scholar, Littauer fellow Harvard, Author of OWN-IT Your Success, your Future, Your Life, Canada
“This is an inspirational must-read as we all question what is our why? Patience has walked the journey in her STEM career and has shared with us what true grit to succeed against all odds means in the male dominated work environment of mining. She shares a deep passion for empowering women and closing the gender gap, and is making a huge contribution to a critical SDG. This book is a highly commendable read on gender equality, especially in male-dominated STEM related industries like mining. It is indeed a call to action.”

Professor Shirley Zinn

Independent Non-Executive Director on the Boards of JSE-listed companies and Executive Director at the Boston Consulting Group SA, Author of Swimming Upstream. South Africa
“Patience uses her superpower of storytelling to provide an inspirational but practical guide for all of us striving for Peak Performance! I know first-hand that she not only preaches and teaches the lessons she shares, she truly lives them. I am grateful for Patience, this project and book, and thrilled that so many will be touched and empowered by Patience and this extraordinary work.“


IWF Fellow Alumni and 20-year Energy Executive. USA
“Practical and inspiring! A combination of her personal story and examples, Patience has turned her trailblazing career in the mining and metals industry into supporting and paving the way for other women in STEM coming up against the same barriers she experienced on her way to success across the globe. A must read for every woman in STEM, and males in the mining industry!”


IWF Fellow Alumni and Executive Transformational Leader. Canada
“Unleashing My Superpowers is a wonderful reflection of Patience’s authenticity, resilience and her passion to pay it forward. I met Patience as an IWF Fellow and her story connected with my heart when I first heard her speak. Her warmth and passion radiate through this wonderfully inspiring must-read.”


IWF Fellow Alumni and Human Resources Leader. Australia
“Unleashing My Superpowers is a fascinating book that gives perspectives on resilience and passion to succeed. If you have ever felt stuck and you don’t know how to navigate the complex male dominated workplace like mining then this is a must read!”


Non-Executive Director Clarkson plc and former Executive Head Anglo American plc. UK
“First congratulations, loved reading your book! This s a must read! Patience has captured the tools and skills we all need. When you read her book, you will identify yourself with many of her stories. Her story is captivating and brings alive what it is to live and succeed in a male dominated industry. Its about perseverance and unleashing your superpowers that ultimately makes you succeed.”


Board Member, Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion and Former Vice President for Gold Corp Resources. Canada.
“Unleashing My Superpowers is an important must-read leadership book for the 21st Century. In this inspiring book, Dr Patience Mpofu shares her own personal story of overcoming adversity and rising above life’s challenges to become Africa’s most influential woman in mining. Patience uses these life lessons to help guide and pave the way for others by creating a blueprint for women in STEM professions and leadership globally. She provides practical exercises for individuals to identify and express their own unique superpowers and invites organisations to cultivate environments that advance greater diversity, equity and inclusion for everyone.”


Founder of Architects of Change Network. Australia
“An impressive book about an exceptional woman that provides women with insights into how they can manage the difficult challenges of a woman building a career and working in the male dominated STEM oriented workplace of the mining industry. Unleashing My Superpowers provides insights that are not only invaluable to women, but also to men, in how to support female colleagues and make change that will enhance the mining industry and also other industries and make them better places to work and succeed for all.“


Former Executive Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Macquarie University, Former Deputy-Vice Chancellor of the University of Sydney, and visiting Professor at UNSW. Australia.
“Dr. Patience Mpofu is a woman of great courage, resilience, and inspiration. Congratulations! This book is inspirational for those who wish to crash through the glass ceiling in a male-dominated world of STEM and mining. Patience shares a compelling story of how she navigated the tough mining industry to become well known as a Global Thought Leader in ESG and thus winning several awards in the mining industry in Africa. Her story proves that anything is possible when we stand on the shoulders of moral giants, believe in ourselves, and wish to serve the greater good.“


Harvard fellow, multi-awarded businesswoman, upcoming author Mandela’s Leadership Blueprint. South Africa.


Dr. Patience Mpofu is a multi-award-winning mining executive, International Women’s Forum 2018 Fellow, Global Thought Leader in sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Executive Leadership Coach, and Women in STEM advocate.
A Zimbabwean born, South African citizen, Patience has turned her 25-year trailblazing career in the mining and metals industry into empowering and paving the way for other women coming up against the same barriers she experienced on her way to success across the globe.

After earning her PhD in mineral processing at the University of South Australia, and a string of high-profile senior executive leadership roles with mining company giants in South Africa and Australia, she was recognised as one of the 36 women leaders from around the world to take part in the prestigious 2018–2019 International Women’s Forum Fellows Program, an honour that changed the course of her path.

“Your inner potential cannot develop without your willingness and conscious participation.”

Philip Arnold

Unleashing My Superpowers No 1 Bestseller

Editorial Reviews

SPR Review Badge
A useful and stimulating guide to building a career under trying circumstances.”—Kirkus.
SPR Review Badge
“Succeeding in a profession largely taken up by men is greatly to Mpofu’s credit, which she chronicles with an engaging, yet matter-of-fact tone. Learning how to get entry to and navigate within the C-Suite is a challenge for women, and Mpofu offers hope and help in that endeavor, elevating this book into an effective work of business self-help, rather than just a career guide. Importantly, this book is not just the perspective of one woman, but offers a comprehensive overview of achieving success in the workplace. Offering this guide to assist other women reveals her strong writing gifts and her admirable generosity in helping women succeed in male-dominated professional environments.”—Self Publishing Review (SPR).

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