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Change to lead with passion, purpose and impact

Patience’s passion is for using her 20+ years of experience working in various leadership roles and her additional leadership and growth period at Insead, Harvard and at the International Women Forum to impact and extend her leadership learnings and teachings to senior leaders, helping them to shift core mindsets and behaviors to peak performance. Her tools and frameworks uses wisdom, neurolinguistics programming, neuroscience, and practical problem-solving business tools. PPS’s vision is to support every leader to self-mastery, master of others and master of business. Patience advises CEOs, executives, and other business leaders to achieve their highest aspirations. She also coaches entrepreneurs helping them find their niche and excel and deliver value for their businesses. She is a sought-after speaker at global gatherings and corporate events, as well as in leading strategy off-sites. Her purpose is to be an inspiration and a catalyst for change to lead with passion, purpose and impact. Her ultimate mission is to help high performance talented women leaders to become Peak Performance extraordinary leaders.

Patience is an expert, recognized as an influential leader who will help to nurture your talents and create easy to use strategy to be a figure of authority in your area of expertise. She helps and guides you to find your true purpose, what inspires you, how to unleash your strengths and work on your challenges as powerful leadership skills, and empowering you to become a Peak Performance leader. She starts with leading self-mastery, leading others then finally how to be a Peak Performance business executive leader.

Leading Self


It all starts with getting to the core of what energizes you, so that you can tap into your inner leader to lead with confidence, courage and clarity. Core values need to be non-negotiables. One of the greatest lessons I learned the last 2 years of my leadership journey from Insead, Harvard, renowned Personal mastery guru, Tony Robbins is that mastering leadership, inspiring others, building great teams and creating amazing organizations all starts with mastering leadership of yourself. 

Success and transformation are about finding the lightness and inspiration in your life. When we take full authorship of our own lives, we are empowered to lead from the heart, creating space and support for those around us to bring their best selves to everything that they do. That’s how we lead, and that’s how we change the world. 

We have a responsibility to bring our best version of our selves forward and to inspire others to do the same. This is how we shake up the world and create the shifts we need for better tomorrows. 

When we drop those self-limiting masks we’re conditioned to wear, we change our whole approach to the world. We approach it with courage, empathy and confidence, and create space in ourselves and around us for creativity to thrive.

Leading Others


Leaders have a duty to work with people and organizations to increase positive contagious energy, creativity and productivity by guiding people to bring their unique strengths forward with confidence and courage.  Patience helps you with proven strategies and implementable tools to have the courage to look within yourself as a leader and drop the masks.  To help your teams to tap into their inner leader and bring it forward in all that they do. Ultimately on how to be of service to others. This is how we create better people, better communities, better businesses and a better world.

Leading Business


To help senior leaders undertake the new kind of strategic thinking and dialogue that is needed. Patience has developed a toolkit to help shift the mindsets, attitudes, so leaders can perform at peak.  Success as a leader begins and ends with effective communication to influence. Learn how to apply the skills and techniques of how energy impacts how we communicate, engage and collaborate. Patience will help you to refine and master the technique of asking incisive questions, being willing to stretch your mind, your soul, and your heart as huge growth happens. The reflective space to ask, what exactly is the real problem when navigating challenges and obstacles in leading a complex organization.  Creating growth is not about just doing more or adding more to your plate, or adding more burdens. Growth stems from freedom and happiness. Growth happens when you ask the right question, relax into inspired action, make deliberate decisions, and find and CHOOSE solutions that deliver results.

Business Coaching

Building a big picture vision of what you truly want in all aspect of life and business

Feel stuck and uncertain about how to make things happen all the time. Are sick and tired of being distracted, procrastinating and inconsistent. At Peak Performance with Patience, I help entrepreneurs, find their niche and use their knowledge to create a profitable online business. We work with you to help you gain clarity on your purpose, what you are actually good at, what your passion is and what other opportunities are available to solve some of the world problems in this digital era hence creating diversified value for your business. Peak Performance with Patience will help and explore how to transform your business into a sustainable, competitive and profitable business in the digital technology era. We have powerful tools to share with you to empower your company.

Entrepreneurs and executives know that the business environment is highly uncertain and volatile. The sheer velocity of change is accelerating in both scale and scope. Disruptive change and the need for innovation are constants. Offering her formidable experience in leading successful commercial, business development and strategy for global mining companies, Peak Performance with Patience business coaching courses can hand you to the keys to success in any of your business endeavors. The challenge is to develop new strategic leadership approaches to confront potential devastation, and take advantage of the forces of disruptive change. Personal digital marketing strategies are crucial to long-term success. How you articulate your value proposition in the digital era to the internal and external clients can make or break your organizational possibilities.

Patience gets to the heart of the issues and guide you towards the courage, confidence and vulnerability needed to address these issues head on and start bringing out the best of yourself in all you do. She will help you to develop the skills of what it takes to achieve in the corporate or business environment. In addition, she helps people or entrepreneurs who are stuck, unfulfilled and struggling in these areas of their lives. When you do the work to get all areas of your life aligned with what truly matters to you, that’s when you experience true fulfillment, joy and endlessly renewable energy. 

As a leadership and business coach, Patience guides you to take this holistic approach to building a big picture vision of what you truly want in all aspect of life and business, then making that vision a reality.

“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.”

Bill Bradley

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