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As a Peak Performance Coach, motivational speaker, bestselling author and former VP, Patience knows what it takes to create real transformation.

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As a Peak Performance Coach, motivational speaker, bestselling author and former VP, Patience knows what it takes to create real transformation. She uses her holistic, blend of tools and proven techniques she has mastered during her leadership journey and her experience at Insead and Harvard and International Women Forum and top coaches such Tony Robbins to inspire and guide others to take control of their own lives and success. Attendees these events with a new understanding of the impact each area of their life has on their overall joy and fulfillment, and on their personal and professional success. They gain valuable insight into areas of their lives that need attention and walk away with a clear action plan to move towards a fulfilled, more impactful life and value leadership approach. Best of all, they will have tapped into a powerful and limitless source of internal energy to continually propel themselves forward.

Patience has been involved in launching various events aimed at empowering women. She was at the 2017 and 2018 global Mining Indaba in Cape Town, South Africa where global Mining Executives meet to discuss various topics that impact the industry. She launched the first ever Women in Mining luncheon at the Mining Indaba, attracting key note speakers such as the Honorable Minister of Women in the Presidency: in South Africa and current Minister of Defense at Australian Government. She was also a panelist at this luncheon with influential mining executives across the globe. In the upcoming events in 2020, Peak Performance with Patience will help you to be True to You, Get Clear on Where You Are either as a Leader of an organization or as a self-starter so you can take steps towards where you want to be.

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Group Sessions

Peak Performance presentation & group coaching session


Networking and interacting between attendees


Three interactive Peak Performance exercises

Time and fees are customized for your group or company’s needs.

Benefits to your group or company

  • Gain a clear picture of exactly what you’re working towards and what you need to do to get there;
  • Get tools to move forward with ease and make decisions that are aligned with who you are and what you’re working towards;
  • Understand how to make daily choices that help create a life in alignment with your purpose and make you feel happier and more fulfilled;
  • Learn powerful incisive questions you can ask yourself anytime to help you figure out what you truly want vs what society has programmed you to believe;
  • Learn practical daily, weekly and monthly rituals of peak performance successful people.

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Business Mastery for Entrepreneurs

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Are you looking to scale your business? Are you stuck in your business and don’t know how to differentiate yourself? Are you wondering where and how to compete in the digital technology er? Which industries to invest in? what exactly does value mean? What you are good at, what you are passionate about, what the world needs, but most importantly what gives you meaning. Patience has more than 20 years’ experience in advising top executives on strategic growth and transformation challenges;

Leading with your spirit, mind, and body: Peak Performance Women Leadership Event

The 1st of this kind International event not to be missed during with Dr Patience Mpofu sharing her top strategies and blueprint for what it takes to succeed in a male dominated environment. 

Top Influential and thought Leadership speakers will be sharing the stage to share their leadership journeys and secrets to success.

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