Dr Patience Mpofu is the Founder & CEO of Peak Performance with Patience

Dr Patience Mpofu is an award winning mining executive, business strategist and global Leadership and Business coach who helps unleash the power within you to succeed in your career or business as an executive or as an entrepreneur. She is the Founder and CEO of 2 start-ups, Peak Performance with Patience Pty Ltd and Insight Mining Experts, a global digital consulting business. Patience has over two decades of multidisciplinary global industry experience with Executive Committee and Board leadership experience in the Mining and Metals industry. Previously, she held senior roles working for other global mining companies, across multiple disciplines across the globe. In her roles as Lead metallurgist, Senior Manager Strategy and Business Development and Vice President Corporate Affairs, she strategically influenced key commercial and mining sustainability decisions for these companies.

She is an expert and an influential leader who will help to nurture your talents and create easy to use strategies to be a figure of authority in your area of expertise. She helps and guides you to find your true purpose, what inspires you, how to unleash your strengths and work on your challenges thus empowering you to become a Peak Performance leader.

“If You Do What You’ve Always Done, You’ll Get What You’ve Always Gotten.”

Tony Robbin

Coaching has gained significant popularity over the past 25 years and is set to become the fastest growing industry.

She has always wanted to explore and follow her passion of self-development and growth. An opportunity arose when she took a redundancy package from her previous employer where she was Vice President Corporate Affairs for the entire Africa Region of this global mining company. Patience realized during her executive journey that effective leadership was key to changing the culture of an organization, to increase productivity, to unlock people’s potential so that they bring their 100% to work. As a former executive, she also knows the importance of right leadership in creating value for self, others or business. Hence she created Peak Performance with Patience. Hence her mission as a Global Leadership and Business Coach, is to help bring out the unique strengths and talents of business leaders and their teams, empowering them to lead from their hearts, mind, body and spirit with influence and impact. She will help you gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve your development objectives, unlock your potential, and act as a sounding board for decision making.

She is one of the 36 Women leaders selected from around the world to take part in the 2018-2019 International Women’s Forum Fellows Program, a customized leadership training including Executive education components at Harvard Business School and INSEAD. In 2019, Patience was the winner of both the CEO Most Influential Woman in Business and Government in South Africa and SADC region. 

Patience is passionate about entrepreneurship. She was previously awarded Best Entrepreneurship award during her MBA Elective Programme.

Patience is a frequent global speaker who successfully represented in key global events such as the Mining Indaba and International Mineral Processing Congress in Cape Town and International Colloids and Surfaces Conference in Brazil. She is passionate about helping women advance in their professions and businesses especially in STEM related professions (Science Technology Engineering and Maths). She was involved in launching various events aimed at empowering women and youth in this field. 

She launched the first ever Women in Mining luncheon at the Mining Indaba, in 2017, attracting more than 300 various senior government officials, NGOs, Industry influencers and key note speakers such as the Minister of Women in the Presidency of South Africa and then Senator for Western Australia. She was also a panelist at this luncheon discussing challenges of diversity and inclusion in the mining workplace. She was also a panelist for the Youth Development Forum at the 2017 Mining Indaba. In addition, she was invited as one of the key-note speakers for the Brilliants Program in 2018 and 2019, a Top Science Student Awards event organized by the National Science and Technology Foundation (NSTF), hence inspiring and motivating the students to keep aspiring and achieving the STEM careers. She was thus, selected by the Executive Director of UN Women, as a member and ambassador of the UN Women Global Innovation and Coalition Change (GICC) (2017-2019), focused on accelerating and removing barriers to the advancement of women and girls using innovation technology as one of the drivers of change. Providing strategic advice and participating in various programs to advance women in STEM. 

Patience thus has significant experience with various stakeholders including government, non-governmental organizations and international organizations globally. An accomplished successful global leader who at heart is a philanthropist and want to make a difference in partnership with likeminded global leaders and companies.

The art of living is in giving…. 

Her Coaching Journey...

Patience’s coaching journey started when she excitedly volunteered to be trained at her former top business school in Africa Wits Business School (WBS) based in South Africa. The Wits Business School (WBS) launched the Post-Masters Certificate Programme in Leadership, secondarily offered to MBA Alumni as a means of developing coaching skills and strengthening Alumni ties with WBS. The Program involves coaching three new MBA students on a no-fee basis, the Programme was offered as a quid pro quo, and no fees were payable for the Certificate Program in Leadership Coaching. Upon completion of her training, she continued to volunteer to coach the MBA students at WBS for the next 5 years coaching over 21 MBA students and is now a member of the College of Coaches. She also trained as a Leadership Coach at Tony Robbins Mastery University and trained as an NLP Practitioner. Her unique coaching programs and Mastermind Programs blend the best learnings and tools from WBS and her latest experience from the recent IWF Fellows Program at Harvard taught by acclaimed Professors such as Amy Cuddy amongst others, e.g. on Power Pose and its impact on influence and power, at Insead Business School with insightful tools on how best to influence and be a global leader. In her quest to find her meaning and purpose, she spent almost 18 months from 2018 on self-development and self-discovery by following, being coached and learning from one of the Top Global Business Coaches and Strategists in the world. Patience holds an Advanced Management Program (AMP) from INSEAD, (France) an MBA from Wits Business School (South Africa). She also holds a Ph.D. in Minerals and Material Science from the Ian Wark Research Institute (IWRI), University of South Australia after obtaining a scholarship award in 2000. She was part of a multidisciplinary global research team that worked together to solve an industry problem on sustainability, sponsored by various global mining companies through the Australian Mineral Research Association (AMIRA). The emergence of new knowledge in her PhD significantly improved understanding for sustainable mining development and management of clay mineral waste tailings.