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Dr Patience Mpofu is excited to be launching the Unleashing My Superpowers Academy. Our goal is to bring the best of leadership and mining education and training to your device in the comfort of your own home. Dr. Patience Mpofu, a multi-award-winning influential mining thought leader has spent over 25 year in the mining industry across the value chain of mining from Mine to market and now shares her nuggets and wisdom through this Academy. She is a former Vice President and Executive Coach who coaches and teaches both online and in-person around the globe.

Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing to you the courses across various spectrum in relation to the needs of women working in male dominated workplaces such as personal development, career strategies, leadership in male dominated workplaces. The topics she covers are based on her Peak Performance Leadership Model of the 21st Century, like leadership, finding a meaning and purpose in your career, leading teams, building sustainable relationships, navigating your career, successful negotiation. In addition, Patienceis an NLP practitioner and teaches group transformation masterclasses virtually and in-person as well.

Are you feeling stuck, insecure, unsure about your next step or wondering how do I create a winning career strategy? Do you feel burnt out and need a sounding board to help you navigate your careers to find fulfillment? Look no further! Dr Patience Mpofu has walked this journey. We have various masterclasses and courses for you to help you navigate and succeed.

Taking her courses have the power to change your life. They can be taken in the comfort in your home.

Start the unleashing my superpowers revolution now!

Featured Courses

All courses are accessible entirely online and at your convenience.


Women in STEM Career Success Masterclasses: $99/month Subscribe for FREE month now

Dr. Patience Mpofu


Masterclass 5

Thought Leadership: NEXT STEP Masterclass for current or Ex C-Suite/Board Level Women

Dr. Patience Mpofu

Masterclass 6

Brand Authority Positioning: For coaches, consultants and Experts: Becoming an International Best Seller

Dr. Patience Mpofu


Platinum: Peak Performance Leadership Platinum Circle

Dr. Patience Mpofu